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All credit cards are assigned to your account automatically and are used to pay for parts ordered through Yana Shiki. It is the sole responsibility of the card holder to update all new card information, failure to do so may cause a delay in order processing. All card numbers are kept protected to ensure the privacy of the card holder. You may be required to supply only the last four digits of the card at the time of purchase. Orders that cannot be paid in full using the card on file due to insufficient funds, incorrect information, etc. may be delayed until payment is received. Yana Shiki will make every attempt to contact the responsible party to collect payment.

Terms & Conditions
Yana Shiki reserves the right to refuse any applicant under which circumstances the applicant doesn’t qualify as a motorcycle only business. All customers will be on COD terms or company credit card. Dealer agrees to pay for all invoiced items received. Only dealerships with a public showroom / store front will be accepted.
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